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Williams had a colorful personality and a commanding presence, according to friends and family. He was a tall African-American man with freckles and wore his bright-red hair in a large Afro hairstyle that was immediately noticeable in a crowd. President Jimmy Carter, among many others. Williams was also a staunch supporter of civil rights related causes, publishing countless op-eds on the topic. Outside of his writing career, he had a deep passion for music and boasted a large collection of albums. He enjoyed long daily walks in nature, was an avid sports fan and a passionate Little League baseball coach.

He was also an enthusiastic participant in weekly trivia nights with a large group of friends at a local bar in Princeton. Well, this was to say that things seem to have strayed onto my name that you would do better to say of Monticelli, to whom I owe a great deal.

If you have the opportunity, as a memento of him, please go and look a little at this study again, which is entirely in broken tones of green and red. For the share that falls or will fall to me will remain, I assure you, very secondary.

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And then, I would also have something else to ask of you. The magnificent bouquets of peonies which Jeannin produces in abundance?

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You see, it seems to me so difficult to separate Impressionism from other things, I cannot see the point of so much sectarian thinking as we have seen these last few years, but I fear its absurdity. It is perhaps from that excellent fellow Mauve that I have inherited a boundless admiration for Meissonier; Mauve was endless in his praise for Troyon and Meissonier — a strange combination.

This is to draw your attention to how much people abroad admire, without attaching the slightest importance to what unfortunately so often divides artists in France. I shall add a study of cypresses for you to the next consignment I send to my brother, if you will do me the pleasure of accepting it as a memento of your article.

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I am still working on it at the moment, wanting to put in a small figure. Until now I have not been able to do them as I feel it; in my case the emotions that take hold of me in the face of nature go as far as fainting, and then the result is a fortnight during which I am incapable of working. However, before leaving here, I am planning to return to the fray to attack the cypresses. Look at the boat traffic! I wonder if you still enjoy being on the water when there are so many other boats around.

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